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An organization’s greatest asset is often its people. Our services focus on performance and how best to maximize it through the right balance of education, organization, process, and/or use of technology.

Brust Consulting, Inc. believes strongly that the effectiveness of learning is directly related to the quality of the education program and content being delivered. Our experience over the past two decades has proven to us that whether delivered traditionally or over the web, in order to maximize their value education programs must be planned, designed and developed in accordance with an organization’s specific goals and desired outcomes for its employees.

We have helped our clients throughout all aspects of Human Performance Development, including:

  • Education Strategy and Planning
  • Educational Curriculum and Content Design & Development
  • Assessment, Improvement and Enhancement of Existing Educational Investments
  • Management and Supervision of Education Program Development and Conduct
  • Education Planning/Design/Development
  • Distance Learning Virtual Events
  • Educational Portal Design and Development
  • Evaluation of Delivery Vehicles
  • Organizational Evaluation/Alignment/Design
  • Bsusiness Process Transformation
  • Internal Communication Programs for Change Management Projects



Experience: Human Performance