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Client: Retailer

Results: Developed the overall business strategy and marketing plans for a start-up retailer in an upscale shopping district in Chicago.

Client: Property Management Company

Results: Developed the client's overall go-to-market strategy, created their brand and designed their website. We also worked to help identify channels for lead and prospect generation, and developed new collateral material to support this effort.

Client: New Consumer Product Company Based – [Winerd]

Results: This engagement included product positioning, developing an overall public relations and sales channel strategy and plan, creating marketing messages and communications. [Website]

Client: Supply Chain Educational Product

Results: This engagement included developing a business strategy and marketing plan for a new business delivered over the Internet. It included competitive analysis, product positioning and testing of the overall concept. This product is expected to generate over $1 Billion per year by 2011.

Client: Leading global management consulting, technology services company

Results: Developed and implemented an internet marketing program for selling products and services over the internet. Prior to implementing the program their website was getting 1-2 visits per day. Within the first 30 days 130,000 visitors had seen their site appear on search results pages and over 3,000 had visited their site. Within the first six months 1.9 million visitors had seen their site appear on search results pages and over 21,000 had visited their site.

Client: $13 Million Software and Services Company Based

Results: Completed a review of a client’s website and identified opportunities for search engine optimization, including changes to the website to improve and maximize their visibility and presence across global search engines such as Google and Yahoo.